Here’s the Fastest, Easiest and Most Fun Way to Create Personalized Marketing Campaigns!

We live in a noisy world and as business owners we must figure out ways to get the attention of our prospects and customers and get them to take action.

This is easier said then done!

Personalized URLs or PURLs can break through the noise! Personalized URLs or PURLs can break through the noise! Download a digital copy of my brand new book, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Marketing with PURLs and discover smart ways to effectively use PURL marketing in your business!

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Put the Profitable Power of PURLs to Work In Your Marketing!

A PURL is a unique and personalized web address created especially for each recipient of your direct mail or email marketing campaign. The PURL includes the recipient’s first name or full name, which makes for a personal and engaging tactic that many prospects will respond to by visiting “their PURL.”

It was none other than the world famous Dale Carnegie who smartly noted…

“A person’s name is to that person the sweetest
and most important sound in any language.”

People cannot resist being attracted to seeing their own name and a properly designed PURL campaign does this quite effectively.

When your prospect or customer types in or clicks on their PURL, it takes them to a personalized web landing page created just for them! This allows you to have a 1:1 conversation with them with the goal of taking a single, clear call-to-action.

I’ve been using PURLs since 2004, in my own business and in the business of my clients. I have also developed three different PURL software systems over the years and to say I have a lot of experience with PURLs is an understatement.

Which is why I am so excited by my latest innovation… Simple PURLs!

Simple PURLs is the fastest, easiest and most unique PURL system in the world. I know this because I created for my own use first and made sure it had all the tools you needed (and stripped away the bloated functionality found in other systems).

With Simple PURLs you have only one decision to make. Do you want to get started with the basic suite of tools found in Simple PURLs Basic edition or tap into the unbelievable personalization power of Simple PURLs Pro.

Either way, you will be able to start using PURLs in your marketing, along with your existing marketing systems right away!

Simple PURLs gives you the ability to quickly and easily create eye-catching personalized marketing campaigns that get noticed and get response. I invite you to learn more about the amazing Simple PURL system and to begin using it today to create more personal, more effective marketing campaigns.


Mike Capuzzi


My 100% No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee
My promise to you! Simple PURLs is the very best PURL marketing platform available for business owners and entrepreneurs, but we want to remove all risk to you. That is why we offer a 100% No Questions Asked 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
If you are not happy, simply ask our helpful support team for a refund and we will be happy to oblige as quickly as we can.

“Mike, I love the Simple PURL system! Before you showed this to me, I had never even heard of a PURL or ever worked with WordPress. But literally within two hours of using it for the first time, I had my first PURL campaign put together and it looks awesome! I am now running three different Simple PURL campaigns and I will keep you posted on the results.”
Pat Flynn
“Mike, you made this a breeze and I am blown away by the excellent video tutorials that made integrating my FIRST PURL a breeze. I sent out a brand new campaign and tested it on quite a few cold prospects and the response has exceeded my expectations. The direct sales have been impressive for 3 days and this actually spurred a very response for high end equipment quotes for other products that will far exceed the sales of the product I promoted. Even if I had not got any response whatsoever, I still would have been so happy about the education I received and the passion that it ignited in me. This is worth 4 times what I paid for this course. You have absolutely over delivered. A humble thanks for handing me excitement, better marketing skills, and quite frankly cash. Overjoyed!”
Lane “Dawg” Bowers
“Mike, three month ago if you were to tell me that I was going to build a landing page, I would have probably just laughed at you. Here today I have finished my first landing page. No..No.. I have just finished my first Simple PURLs landing page. I am amazed how simple it was to complete, and how great it looks. Even my mom is proud of me. She now thinks that I am some computer wizard. I am always looking for ways to stand out in the crowd in my industry. This is one way that I can do it.I am know ready for my next one.”
Jody Gatchell
AJ Collision Repair
“There’s nothing a geeky 60-year old grandmother likes better than a string of PURLs! Simple PURLS is exactly what I was looking for. I love the simple, elegant solution to personalized mailings, online and offline. And THANKS for designing a WordPress sales page solution that is so easy to use. I’ve been struggling with sales pages for two years. This is the FIRST time I have been truly happy with the result. I just launched my first PURL email blast and there’s a postcard campaign in the works next week. I LOVE my Simple Purls!”
Frances Flynn Thorsen
Blogmother In Chief, Cross Channel Marketing Consultants